Saturday, July 10, 2010

ACM India Teleconference : 10 July 2010

Attended by:

        Anand Deshpande
        Mathai Joseph
        Prithwis Mukerjee
        P J Narayanan

Decicsions/action items:

1 Conferences: Anand will write to Pankaj/Anandan/Srinivas to   (a) create a manual for conferences and (b) identify 5-6 potential conferences in India for upgradation

2 Website: Prithwis will identify the other council member who will assist him with the website.

The website would include pointers to information/activities on all ACM India activities.  These include the ACM India event, conferences under ACM, Education activities, chapter activities, etc.  The content on these should be owned by the respective coordinators of those activities.

3 ACM India event 2011: Tentatively at Hyderbad in Jan 2011.

Considering that a big event will take a lot everyone's energies, we must find a way to let most of the organization       done by the local chapter/organizers. ACM India will pitch in with help wherever required

4 ACM India document: Mathai is getting the MoA finalized and getting most of the details pushed to the bylaws. That will be done this week.

Bank account with HDFC will be opened. Anand will get it done this week.

5 Chapters/Framework: Need to define how the chapters will work under  one ACM India. Guidelines for finance handling, activities, etc. Anand and Mathai will work on a preliminary document on this.

6 Corporates: Second half of July will be used to reach out to the corporates.

A letter will go from John White or the President of ACM to the corporate leaders. A separate (?) letter should go from Anand on behalf of ACM India also. Finalizing the text and other aspects of the letter to bed done in the next couple of weeks.

7 ACM India Distinguished Speaker etc: This will be done later, along with the corporate initiatives.

8 ACM-Queue and other electronic content: ACM India should coordinate with ACM and get selected content from Queue, CACM, etc., to be mailed to a (large) number ACM members and non-members.  This can be done free for the next 12 months as an attraction to join ACM.

Indianizing the Queue is another option that would be considered

Prithwis will coordinate this.

9 Monthly teleconferencing: A monthly teleconferencing of a few active  members every second Saturday is a good idea. Anand's bridge would be used, if available

The telecon of ACM India Council can take place when something is there to report. Typically once in 2 months or so.

PJN will coordinate

10 The summary of discussions/decisions of the ACM India council should be placed on the ACM India website at an appropriate place. This is to update members on what is happening with ACM India

Prithwis to do this, keeping appropriate content.

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